3 Helium Scams YOU Must Avoid

3 Helium Scams YOU Must Avoid

Unfortunately, where there’s money there’s going to be scammers. And the Helium mining space has started to see more and more…

Now… I’m not saying that ALL companies in Helium are a scam. They’re not. There’s plenty of great companies out there..

Whether you buy from me or buy from them… My goal is to help you achieve success in Helium mining.

So let's begin…

The first scam you need to avoid is what I call the “too good to be true” scam. And it’s where scammers will offer Helium miners at a steep discount.

I’ve seen multiple websites on google offering Helium miners at a discount. The most blatant scam I’ve witnessed was a website that had replicated Bobcat’s website offering Bobcat miners “with fast delivery” and a price cheaper than Bobcat’s retail.

Like any other market, supply and demand determines price. I scout eBay to see what the current secondary market prices are for Helium miners. When a seller is selling below this market price, it’s often a scam.

One tell-tale way to avoid this scam is by using your credit card to purchase. Therefore, you have the ability to chargeback. But never purchase from anyone using crypto (excluding manufacturers).

The second thing to watch out for in Helium mining, is people selling you or upselling you on equipment that you don’t really need. I’ve seen tons of gimmicky products being offered with the promise to increase your rewards.

For instance, I’ve seen guys selling antennas showing screenshots of their antennas having long distance witnesses. What the novice doesn’t know is that the antenna isn’t the reason for the long distance, but rather a clear line of sight.

Stick to the basics. Don’t buy into the hype.

The last scam to avoid is one that has recently emerged… and that is companies offering “free miners” for a split of the rewards you’ll receive after installing their miner. Make sure to read the fine print. As you can breach the contract for just about anything, which then results in them making you BUY the miner at a premium price. Avoid this scam by ensuring that they do not have your credit card on file to charge at their discretion.

Plus, with the relatively low cost of a Helium mining setup, it makes no sense to share the rewards with anyone. If you’re going to do the installation, then you better be getting ALL of the rewards.

Educate yourself… That way, you won’t be susceptible to all the rampant scams in Helium.

You can educate yourself for FREE by joining SpotMiner’s Facebook community here (link to fb group).

-Russ (CEO

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