Crypto Mining Blueprint to Guaranteed Wealth

Crypto Mining Blueprint to Guaranteed Wealth


Crypto Mining Blueprint to Guaranteed Wealth

My favorite teacher, by a star’s-shot, is Ezra Firestone.

He is one of the world’s most prolific e-commerce experts and investors.

The man is pure genius when it comes to building businesses. What I admire most about him is… he’s not a one trick pony and shares everything he learns.

No… no… he’s been able to replicate his success across several businesses in completely different industries.

Now, I consider Ezra Firestone a mentor. I’m even part of his mastermind and attend all of his events and zoom calls.

One of the most beneficial zoom calls I attended was where he revealed his surefire method to building wealth.

And it goes like this…

You have 3 “buckets”:

  1. Your cash bucket. If you’re an entrepreneur you should have 2-3 years of expenses in cash saved in this bucket. If you’re an employee, you should have 3-6 months worth of expenses saved.

  2. Your savings bucket. This bucket is for your long term investments. Long term, meaning, 15-20 years. Things like… S&P  500 index fund, Bitcoin, and real estate go in this bucket.

  3. Your investment bucket. This bucket is where you look to multiply your money in the short-term. Basically, what are you doing today to multiply your income? 

This bucket system is simple. And that’s why it works. Not only is it simple, but it covers all of your bases (or buckets). Hence, why it’s a GUARANTEED wealth strategy. You see, your first bucket is your safety net. And it’s the first bucket to fill because you’ll need a safety net before you can even start saving or investing.

Your first bucket saves you from having to sell any of your assets at a loss due to an unplanned expense… like your car breaking down, a health issue not fully covered by insurance, and so on. Remember, the worst thing you can do is sell at a loss. And we all know, you only lose in investing when you sell. Bucket 1 keeps you from having to do that.

Bucket 2 is your guaranteed wealth bucket. This is the bucket that “locks-in” your future wealth. By investing in low-risk assets that have been proven to compound over time, you let time and compounding interest work its magic. Plan to hold any assets in the bucket for 15-20 years. Hold assets like S&P 500 index fund shares, real estate, and Bitcoin in this bucket.

Since you have your rainy-day fund covered and your long-term savings covered in buckets 1 and 2, you can play a little and take some risks in bucket 3. Bucket 3 is where you put your money after buckets 1 and 2 are covered. Basically, you can afford to lose what you have in bucket 3. By taking more risks, you can multiply your money in the short term. 

Now, here’s a little ploy-in-the-pocket that I use that makes this bucket system push-button and automated.

This strategy works seamlessly for me. And should work just as seamlessly for you. And that strategy is…

Using crypto miners as a way to fill your buckets.

Here goes…

I buy a bunch of crypto miners with my bucket 3 funds. Some Bitcoin. Some Doge and Litecoin miners. 

I take some of the Bitcoin that I’ve mined and toss it into bucket 2. Kind of like an automated savings plan.

I take all of the Litecoin and Doge, and a portion of the Bitcoin, and save it in bucket 3. I write down my sell price for these coins, and sell when I hit the sell price.

Now… What ALL did I accomplish?

Well… it gave me an automated savings plan for bucket 2, where I save Bitcoin for the long-term. It also allowed me to multiply my income in the short term (3-5 years). 

Cause look… with these crypto miners, over about 5 years, I’d have doubled my money… maybe… 2-3 times. Making it a perfect investment for bucket 3. A push-button method for multiplying my income.

This isn’t rocket science. In fact, it’s unbelievably simple to get yourself a couple miners to start building your wealth.

I mean, look at me. Self-proclaimed slacker and loser in society’s eyes… Now, earning more than a doctor… all without having to actually work.

I simply made ONE decision… and that decision was… to get into crypto mining.

You can make the same decision. While getting your miners from a trusted source has them HERE

- Josh "The Mining Man" Meadows

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