How Helium Mining is Winning the Game

How Helium Mining is Winning the Game


Real estate has produced more millionaires than any other wealth vehicle.

For decades, real estate has been the crowned king of cash flow. Helping people achieve financial freedom and income while they snooze.

But… this is 2022… and there’s a new kid in school and he goes by the name of crypto mining.

Now don’t get me wrong. I invest in real estate. In fact, it’s the main vehicle I use to build wealth. However, it’s not the main vehicle that I use to earn income.

I just wanted to clear that up… and as you might already know, I got into Helium mining to increase the cash flow on my rentals. I never want to hear you say, “Russ doesn’t like real estate.”

Now… Let’s quickly talk numbers…

Crypto Mining can reliably achieve a 100% cash on cash return on investment (ROI)… This is the very least you’ll earn…

While, 10% cash on cash ROI is considered a solid return for rental real estate.

Men lie, women lie, even children lie, but numbers don’t…

Helium Crypto mining outperforms real estate by 10x when it comes to cash flow.

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