How You Can Dominate In Helium Mining

How You Can Dominate In Helium Mining

You don’t compete. You dominate….

Wise word from Grant Cardone. Think about it… Does Apple compete? Does exxon compete? What about Nike? They all Dominate.

Now… After all the time I’ve spent setting up my Helium mining network, I’ve devised and am executing a plan to dominate in Helium mining.

You can follow this strategy as well…

Since Helium mining rewards are highly dependent on location, and ensuring that you’re not in an over-saturated market… I’ve come up with the idea to…

Start deploying Helium miners in small, flat towns… with low building density.

That means, I’m going to start by, first, finding the ideal location to begin my deployments. Instead of simply deploying my miners anywhere I can, I’m going to locate the ideal “market” first.

Let’s break this down…

All the large cities are becoming oversaturated with Helium miners. You could’ve been in the city early, only to see that a few months later, you’re earning less due to the newbies coming in and causing your reward scale to drop.

Therefore, deploying in small towns where the residents are spread out, will make it impossible for people to encroach on your mining. There simply aren’t enough homes and internet connections to cause a drop in rewards. It can’t over-saturate.

Next, it’s important to find towns with flat topography. This is so that all of your miners can have a clear line of sight to each other… and hills or mountains won’t block the signal among your miners.

This isn’t hard to do. Simply reach out to property managers or real estate agents in these towns to see who the major property owners are… and approach them with a revenue share proposition to place the miners on their properties.

These investors are all about cash flow. So, when you approach them with a way to increase their cash flow, with zero risk to them… What do you think they’re going to say…?

… Hell YES.

In fact, I’ve used this exact method to find numerous deployment locations. I’ve just jumped into real estate investing groups on Facebook or called real estate agents and property managers in the cities/towns I’m looking to deploy in.

Works like a charm.

Anyways, good luck! I hope this strategy yields tons of passive income for you.

Russ (CEO

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