My Secret Method Revealed: Finding Unlimited Deployment Locations

My Secret Method Revealed: Finding Unlimited Deployment Locations

Helium mining is amazing. And if you’ve never started a business, you probably don’t truly understand why.

See… in business there’s always “ceilings to scale.” Meaning, major obstacles to growing your business.

With e-commerce, you have competition, saturation of market, saturation of marketing channels (like FB ads), and inventory issues. Oftentimes, these growth obstacles can stop an entrepreneur from growing his or her business.

With Helium mining only 2 growth obstacles exist:

  1. More capital to purchase more Helium equipment
  2. More locations to install Helium miners

The first issue isn't really an issue. With the amazing return on investment that Helium mining provides, you should have no issues finding capital.

The second obstacle, after reading this, will also not be an obstacle…

You can find unlimited locations to install Helium miners by simply talking to commercial or residential rental property owners and offering them a split of the rewards.

These rental property owners will do just about anything to increase the cash flow of their rentals.

And when you tell them that they can earn additional income, with absolutely no risk to them, they always say, “Let's do it!”

Don’t forget… Real estate investors are money savvy. And when you talk numbers that make sense, with no risk to them, 9 out of 10 times they’re always onboard.

Now… the way of getting into contact with rental property owners is through real estate agents, property managers, and real estate investment Facebook groups.

Now get out there and start scaling that mining empire!

Russ (CEO

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