The Perfect Method to Install Your Helium Miner

The Perfect Method to Install Your Helium Miner

“Stand on top of a mountain… stick the antenna in your ear, and put the cable in your mouth. This maximizes your rewards from Helium.”

Nonsense like this (I exaggerated a bit) is spreading like forest fire in Helium communities like reddit and discord.

And like Smokey the Bear… I’m here to prevent forest fires.

Today, I'm putting these fires out, and showing you the single, perfect method for installing your Helium miner.

Let’s begin…

Now… It's a known fact: A shorter coaxial cable between your hotspot miner and antenna provides better signal transmission.

6ft or less and you’re good to go… Longer than 6ft, you’ll start to lose on signal transmission.

To do this perfect install, you’ll need:

  • Hotspot miner
  • 6ft low-loss 400 coaxial cable
  • Outdoor antenna
  • Antenna mount
  • Power over ethernet (PoE) and PoE splitter
  • Ethernet cable
  • Weatherproof box

The point of this installation method is to keep the hotspot a short distance from the antenna. Providing optimal communication between the hotspot and the antenna.

You’ll place your hotspot and PoE splitter into the weatherproof box. Mount this to your antenna mount.

Mount the antenna to the antenna mount. Once all of this is complete, you’re clear to secure the antenna mount to your roof or whatever elevated object you’re mounting to.

Finally, using your PoE, run an ethernet cord from your router to your weatherproof box. Plug it into the splitter and connect ethernet and power. Wham… Bam… Done… You have your perfect install.

It should look like this:

Now… of course… I don’t wanna hear the Helium installation gestapo saying, “No! The perfect installation would be on a tower on the top of a mountain. And down below, hundreds of witnesses at the base of the mountain with reward scales of 1!”

And they would be correct. As you probably already know… location and height are the most important factors to higher earnings.

But… we don’t all have access to mountaintop towers…

And I bet you can guess…

Thanks for reading… Now get out there and build that money machine!

-Russ (CEO

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