Three Proven Hacks To Increase Your Helium Earnings

Three Proven Hacks To Increase Your Helium Earnings

I bet a bunch of sellers in Helium will hate me for this, but I’m going to do it anyway: There’s actually only 3 ways to increase your earnings in Helium mining.

And it’s as simple as this:

1) Upgraded antenna
2) Elevated antenna
3) Low-loss antenna cable no longer than 6 feet

But let me dive a bit deeper…

You can’t earn crap by installing your hotspot miner inside. And this is because most of the antenna's signal is blocked by your home as your antenna’s signal has a 360 degree projection (most of the time). That means you’ll have to put the antenna outside and you’ll need to upgrade to an outdoor antenna.

Now, the upgraded antenna should be at least 4 inches per DBI. Meaning, if it's a 4 DBI antenna, it should be about 16 inches long. The longer the better.

Ok… so you’ve upgraded your antenna, now… you’re going to want to get your antenna as high as you can get it. This is the most important factor in earning more rewards. The higher your antenna, the less things that will obstruct your antenna’s signal, giving it the ability to travel farther distances and witness other hotspot signals.

The last thing you can do to increase earnings is by maximizing the signal transmission from your hotspot to the antenna. This is done by simply using a low-loss 400 coaxial cable that’s less than 6 feet long.

Of course… Out of all of these methods, the most important factor to increasing your earnings is elevating your antenna. The higher your antenna, the more you’ll earn.

Point blank.

So figure out how you can get your antenna as high as you can possibly get it, and watch your earnings skyrocket…

Russ Symes

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