Why I've stopped investing in crypto

Why I've stopped investing in crypto


I won’t touch another crypto project again…

Unless it’s crypto mining.

Over the past 24 months, I’ve lost a small fortune investing in DOAs, defi platforms, and nodes. Following influencers on Youtube who promote these ponzi schemes, only see their own stock rise in the project… before they dump their coin on the bag holders (their own audience).

Now, I know investors have made fortunes in the same projects I’ve lost in. I guess it really depends on your style of investing. I’m not the type of investor who likes to sit and watch wallet addresses… constantly keep up with the news on certain projects… with my finger hovering over the “sell” button when any bad news arises.

I’m more of a set-it-and-forget type of investor.

I’m also the type of investor who wants transparency in whatever I’m investing in.

And that’s why… in crypto… I’ve chosen to stick with Crypto mining.

Crypto mining is different. You understand the value you’re providing: using a piece of hardware to add value to the project. You’re earning realistic returns for providing value. You understand… exactly… why you're able to earn these returns.

See… When you invest in a DOA or a defi platform or nodes service… you can only hope that the funds are being invested as the project manager’s have promised. Most of the time, they aren’t. And that's when you see the coin price for the project plummet.

In fact, most crypto project’s promised returns aren’t sustainable. It’s a complete ponzi scheme. The project’s returns are only sustainable as new investors are brought in. Hence, why you don't see crypto mining offering similar returns

Because… Crypto mining returns are sustainable.

Also, with crypto mining, your investment is secured by a valuable piece of hardware. Unlike other crypto projects, where your investment is only secured by some crap coin that can lose 80% of value in a single day.

A crypto miner can be similarly compared to a piece of rental real estate. Rental real estate is valued based on the income it provides. It can be held… and monthly income earned from it… or it can be sold… to another investor who holds it for monthly income. The asset itself has intrinsic value that lies in its ability to add value to the world and earn income.

Just look at some of the ASIC miners for sale… Some of them are several years old and still retailing on the secondary market near its original retail price. And these miners are liquid… extremely easy to sell if you get in a pinch. This tells you something…

These miners are sustainable investments… That continues to produce sustainable returns over the long term.

Rather than go for the gusto… attempting to chase pie-in-the-sky returns… go for something…

  • Proven
  • Sustainable
  • That provides consistent income
  • That's secured by a piece of hardware
  • Transparent
  • That’s not based on “new money” coming in

Since focusing on crypto mining, I’ve built a passive income stream of $20k+ monthly. I’ve also taken a more conservative mining approach by mining large cap coins.

Crypto doesn’t have to be risky… If you put your money into the right investments.

-Josh Meadows

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