Step-by-step Installation

SpotMiner Instructional Videos

Step 1: Test your equipment

Here we are starting off in the home we first locate where we will install the miner by finding the router and where we will run our RJ45 cable. 

Make sure we have tools and equipment then, Test Equipment first. Find Router. Find Existing Exterior Hole to run wire.

Step 2: Assess your location

In this part of the video I share good locations and spots that may work to install your Miner and Antenna.

Look for existing structures and old setups first. Find the optimal location for line of sight and ease of access. Remember height and line of sight are most important.

Step 3: Evaluate your installation

Here we show off a deployment and what we did for a proper deployment. I show how a proper installation should look as well as what to do with your Antenna and how to mount it to our equipment.

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- John Doe

Get Updates on Our
New Equipment

Get Updates on
Our New Equipment

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