5.8 DBI Outdoor Antenna & Low-Loss 400 Coaxial Cable

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“Immediately Boosted My Hotspot’s Earnings. The Combo Of The Antenna And Cable Was All That I Needed To See Better Rewards. Highly Recommend It! ”

-Killian J.

Antenna System Includes:

Extra Long (32") 5.8 DBI Outdoor Antenna For Enhanced Signal and Boosting HNT Rewards

Heavy Duty Low-Loss 400 6ft Coaxial Cable For Optimal Signal Transmission

Universal Antenna Clamp

Coaxial Sealant For Zero-Loss Signal Transmission

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Easy-Exchange12 MONTH WARRANTY

Instantly Increase Your Earnings

An outdoor antenna and low-loss cable is the #1 way to
increase your HNT earnings. This combo provides the
highest return on your investment when it comes to
upgrading your Helium hotspot.

Narrow Tuned To Max Out
Your HNT Rewards

SpotMiner’s outdoor antennas have been “center tuned”
to a narrow frequency band of 902 - 928Mhz eliminating
other frequencies that interfere with the miner,
which helps maximize your HNT rewards.

Long Distance Range For
More Witnessing

This antenna signal has been proven to travel up
to 32 Miles giving you more witnesses and more rewards.

Low Loss 400 Cable For Signal
Boosting Earnings

Boosted signal transmission between the hotspot and the
antenna comes with boosted rewards. SpotMiner’s
low loss signal optimizes signal transmission,
increasing your signal’s strength and, of course,
increasing your HNT earnings.

Ideal Size

Our mount and extra-length antennas (32”) help you earn more HNT. Since higher antennas earn more, we’ve designed our antennas for increased signal communications. Our low-loss cables are also the ideal length for optimal signal transmission. 

Easy-Exchange 12-Month Warranty

Unlike Our Competitors, We're Based Out Of The U.S. When You Need To Use Your Warranty, You Don't Have To Wait Weeks Or Months For
Your New Spotminer Hardware To Be Shipped From Overseas. In As Little As 7 Days, You Can Have Your Spotminer Exchanged For A Brand-
New One And Get Back To Raking In The Rewards

Spotminer Antenna System Vs. Our Competitors

SpotMiner 5.8 DBI Antenna Our Competitors
Low Loss 400 Cable Included
World Class Tech Support
Easy-Exchange 12-Month Warranty
US915 Narrow Tuned
Added Length For Enhanced Signal


It’s not a requirement. But with more people mining Helium, outdoor antennas are almost a requirement to earn the minimum (network average).