Polypropylene Weatherproof Enclosure for Outdoor Installation

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Weatherproof Enclosure Features and Benefits:

Indoor hotspots can be instantly converted to outdoor hotspots

Fits all hotspots along with PoE splitters and cable

Protects hotspot device from harsh weather conditions

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Easy-Exchange12 MONTH WARRANTY

Rest Assured. Your HotSpot is Safe and Secure.

Made with heavy duty Polypropylene material, SpotMiner weatherproof enclosure ensures that your hotspot device is safe and secure from the elements. 

Stop Replacing Weather Damaged HotSpots

Replacing your hotspot device causes you to lose money in two ways. First, you must pay for a new Hotspot. Second, you lose the earnings your hotspot could be earning while waiting to replace it. With our weatherproof enclosure, we guarantee that your hotspot is safe from weather damage.

Indoor Hotspots Can Now Be Used Outdoors

Just realized that your hotspot device was designed for indoor use only? Our weatherproof enclosure allows you to use your indoor hotspot for outdoor, high-earning installations. 

Poke-Through Rubber Eye Guarantees Waterproof Protection

Simply poke a hole in the rubber eye of this weatherproof enclosure to easily route your cables into the box. The rubber eye ensures waterproof protection.

Increased Customization with Internal Mounting Hole Pattern

Our internal mounting hole pattern gives you the ability to maximize flexibility of equipment placed in the box. This also gives you the ability to hold-in-place your equipment in the box.

Easy-Exchange 12-Month Warranty

Unlike Our Competitors, We're Based Out Of The U.S. When You Need To Use Your Warranty, You Don't Have To Wait Weeks Or Months For
Your New Spotminer Hardware To Be Shipped From Overseas. In As Little As 7 Days, You Can Have Your Spotminer Exchanged For A Brand-
New One And Get Back To Raking In The Rewards

Spotminer Antenna System Vs. Our Competitors

SpotMiner 5.8 DBI Antenna Our Competitors
Low Loss 400 Cable Included
World Class Tech Support
Easy-Exchange 12-Month Warranty
US915 Narrow Tuned
Added Length For Enhanced Signal


SpotMiner weatherproof enclosure is designed to fit all name brand hotspots with a PoE splitter and accompanying cables.