U.S. SpotMiner Outdoor Installation Kit

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Outdoor Installation Kit Includes:

5.8 DBI or 8 DBI (32” or 35.6”) SpotMiner Antenna for Increased Signal and HNT Earnings

Heavy Duty Low-Loss 400 Coaxial Cable For Boosted Signal And Increased Witnessing

Universal Antenna Clamp

Coaxial Sealant For Zero-Loss Signal Transmission

Lightning Arrestor to Keep Your Investment Safe

Weatherproof Enclosure to Keep Your Hardware Functioning and Earning

Power over Ethernet Injector

Power over Ethernet Splitter

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2x Your HNT Earnings Overnight With Our Outdoor Installation Kit…

Our Outdoor Installation kit makes earning more HNT quick and easy. This kit was designed for the novice Helium miner in mind. No more spending hours sifting through discord and reddit trying to figure out how you can earn more. We have the solution!

Easy Installation 

A SpotMiner Hotspot can be installed in as little as 4 minutes.

Easy-Exchange 12 Month Warranty

We make exercising your warranty quick and easy.
Unlike our competitors, we’re based in the United States
and can immediately get your new SpotMiner out the
door to get you up and earning.

North American Compatible

Our equipment is compatible in both the United States and Canada.

Oncall Tech Support

Our tech-support is there to help you every step of the way.
We help troubleshoot any issues to get you up-and-earning
while making sure you’re getting your maximum earnings.

Cost-Savings Low Power

SpotMiner Hotspots have been engineered for lower
power consumption so that you’re keeping more
of your earnings in your wallet.

SpotMiner Dashboard

Our custom dashboard allows you to change
advanced configurations increasing the efficiency
of the device.

Instant Syncing 

SpotMiner instant syncing enables our hotspots
to download the entire blockchain almost instantly so that
you can get to earning your rewards without having to
wait several days for the blockchain to update on your hotspot.

Outdoor / Indoor Equipment

Confusion Free Installation

Complete Professional Kit

Upgraded Parts for Increased HNT Earnings

12-Month Warranty

U.S. Compatible

Oncall Tech-Support

Spotminer Installation Kit Vs. Our Competitors

Spotminer Outdoor Installation Kit Our Competitors
5.8 or 8 DBI Indoor/Outdoor Signal-Boosting Antenna
Expert Tech Support on Standby
Live Tech-Support
Complete Kit for Outdoor Deployment
Easy-Exchange 12-Month Warranty
US915 Tuned Antenna
Low-Loss 400 Coaxial Cable
Weatherproof Outdoor Case
Power over Ethernet Injector 120v
Power over Ethernet Splitter
Lightning Arrestor
Coaxial Sealant

Spotminer Hotspot Miner Specs

Ultra Low Power

Secure and Reliable



2.4G & 5G Wi-Fi
Supported Frequency

3 Multi-Port LAN

Powered By State
Of The Art Hardware

Rock Pi (Rockchip,Quad
Core Cortex-A55 64-Bit Soc
@ 1.8Ghz

ROM: 32G)

Frequency: US915 Version:
902Mhz ~ 928Mhz

Signal-Boosting Indoor/
Outdoor Antenna Specs

ALSMR-400 Low-Loss
Coaxial Cable For Increased
 Signal Transmission

Designed For Indoor
And Outdoor Use

Fiberglass Antenna

Extra-Length Antenna
(31.8”) For Increased
Signal Witnessing

Increased Speed

300MBPS High-Speed
2.4G Wi-Fi Transmission


SpotMiners are all outdoor miners, however, they can also be used indoors. Although, we never recommend setting up your SpotMiner indoors due to the lack of earning rewards.